Diverse Variety of Weapons and Armor Available In Runescape

Diverse Variety of Weapons and Armor Available In Runescape

Mining is very important, as ore pretty much fuels the game if there was no mining, then there would be a much less diverse variety of weapons and armor available, making the game dull. This is why it is important to get your mining skill up. From level 1-20, you need to extract copper from the mine south of Varrock. From level 20-40 you should mine iron mine near Rimmington or varrock. When you reach level 40, it should be much easier to extract coal.
You can mine coal at level 30, but it will take much longer, besides, if you level with other minerals, you can either make money by selling them or you can keep them and may be used later (I recommend this method, it is more profitable) in the game with with runescape gold in the game. I also recommed that you buy and adamantite (Or adamantine I always forget how you spell that) or rune pickaxe. A good place for members of runescape paid to the coal mine, is at the mine near Ardougne, which also owns a bank close enough, this will speed up your mining and make you more efficient.
If you are a member runescape free, you can extract the coal mines of the dwarves, but it is not a bank nearby, so you will not be very effective. Now, the coal mine until you’re level 60. Since you are level 60, you can go to the guild mines coal mining until you are level 85. And now that you are level 85 mining, you should go and mine rune in the wilderness or the guild of heroes (much safer) and with buy runescape gold in the game. Rune seller for between 10,000 to 15,000 per song, so I think you’ll agree it’s certainly worth the effort to do so.
When you follow the steps above, I strongly suggest that you keep all the ore you get and Smith, into something useful. Otherwise, feel free to sell it and see some immediate return for your efforts. I hope you enjoyed this quick tip. If you subscribed to my newsletter, you receive the next board tomorrow fast. Everything you can to get the vulnerability and not you. Now, if you see a guy with about half his health bar down, and you know you can beat it, go ahead and attack. But being tired, you never know who is lurking in the shadows.

Elder Scrolls Online: Ideas for new siege equipment

Elder Scrolls Online: Ideas for new siege equipment

Currently we have trebuchets for long range, slow attacks; Ballistae for medium range average speed attacks, and catapults for short range quick attacks (at least, I think that’s how they end up working out). We have burning oil for wall/gate defense, battering rams to smash in doors, and have forward camps for support/utility.
Any ideas to add some more siege equipment to the game? I’ve a few suggestions:
Siege Towers
A large tower with a staircase going from the back to the front (usually it’s a ladder, but i think a steep staircase might work better for the game mechanics). Like a battering ram, the siege tower can be manned by multiple people, and it moves faster the more players you have pushing (up to 4, perhaps). The siege tower has to be deployed a specific distance from the keep, and then can be pushed to the keep wall, where it can be used by players to climb up to the top of the wall.
Sapper Charges
When deployed, the sapper charge deals massive damage to keep walls and doors, higher than any current siege weapon, but it kills the user in the process. Essentially a suicide bomber that rushes a wall, blows up to create a hole in the wall, and is followed by his allies.
Spear Walls
When deployed, a wall of spears embedded into the ground, facing outward from the player. Enemy players take damage and cannot move through the spear wall, and take additional damage and are knocked down if they try to pass or jump it while mounted. The spear walls would be destructible with catapults/trebuchets/ballistae and firepots.
Some other features that would be interesting are more reliance and ways to mess with keep resources. Currently, the lumber mill, mine, and farm do nothing other than decide whether or not a faction can teleport to their keep’s transitus shrine.
Suggestion: Each resource type directly benefits the keep in some way while under a faction’s control
The Mine
While under the control of the faction that owns the nearby keep, the mine would provide a bonus to that keep increasing the strength of keep walls and the effect of repair kits on walls.
While under the control of an attacking faction, the keep’s walls would take more damage from siege attacks and be repaired for less by repair kits.
The Farm
While under the control of the faction that owns the nearby keep, the farm would increase the spawn rate for keep defending NPCs, and provide a health regeneration boost to players defending the keep.
While under the control of an attacking faction, the keep’s npcs would become weaker and have reduced spawn rate.
The Lumber Mill
While under the control of the faction that owns the nearby keep, the lumber mill would provide increased strength to the keep’s doors, and increase the effect of repair kits on friendly siege weaponry being used in the keep or on it’s walls.
While under the control of the attacking faction, the keep’s doors would become weaker, and defender siege weapons would be repaired for less by repair kits.
Additionally, new effects could become available for attackers when conquering these resource nodes:
When conquering a farm, attackers get the option to “Salt the fields”
Salting the fields of the farm removes all bonuses the farm provides for either faction for a lengthy period of time (for the upcoming 5 day campaigns, maybe for 2-3 days). A salted farm would also provide a debuff to keep defense NPCs making them weaker and severely reducing the spawn rate.
When conquering a lumber mill, attackers get the option to “Raze the mill”
Razing the lumber mill burns down it’s structures and removes all bonuses the lumber mill provides for either faction for a lengthy period of time. A razed lumber mill would also severely reduce the strength of doors in the keep.
When conquering a mine, attackers get the potion to “collapse the mine”
Collapsing the mine removes all bonuses the mine provides to both attackers and defenders, and makes the walls of the keep significantly weaker than normal.
An attacking force would be required to decide whether it is more beneficial to ruin the resource for everyone, or to have a stronger resource benefit once they take over the keep. If you leave the resource as-is, you get a bonus to your attacking force and remove a bonus from the defending force. if you successfully take over the keep, the resource then provides you with a bonus as the new defending force.
If you decide to destroy the resource, you lose both the attacking and defending bonuses whether you win the keep or not.

(ESO PvP) Magicka Sorcerer 1vX – Updated Build!

(ESO PvP) Magicka Sorcerer 1vX – Updated Build!

PC players are garbage compared to console. If you were on console, you woulda got 3 banged. I can’t believe kids actually think you’re good.

Anyone play Azura’s PC and run into the Japanese Zerg in the morning?  Radiant spam is a thing.  Here I was, minding my own business, ganking a few DC, and the next thing I know there are literally eight Japanese spamming Radiant at me.  Full health apparently doesn’t phase them at all….

engine guardian op bro! was glad to see a magicka sorc upload until I looked at your stam sorc upload. there’s only so many of us left. For the Love of Magicka Sorc, never give up, never stop believing.

Significantly toning down the retina-burn from the overly bright Inner Light has been suggested and reported as feedback for almost a year now. It’s a trivial change for an artist to change the brightness from its current 500 billion to a mere 2, but for no apparent reason they just won’t do it.

thanks to all that light&shadows it cuts my already low (22) fps even lower (all the way to 16), while making me half blind (since I don’t play at maximum zoomout) and annoying me with constant horrible sound (almost as bad as Annulment/Harness Magicka) while also annoying me with turning off every damn time I enter/leave a location..
Like if burning eyes weren’t enough… I mean, glowing arms are great, but wholefaceglow is ridiculously bad and the light orb is just too much to bear. I’m saying that since betas in multiple topics, but ZOS keeps ignoring the issue with this skill. Hopefully for something that matter more at least.

Leveling Guide – How to Level Up FAST in ESO!

Something that I do is click on the cog beside subscribed and turn on e-mail notifications. This way you get an email (usually sent within an hour but sometimes a little longer) for when a video comes up on that particular subscriber. Yeah the algorithm sucks. I was subbed to cinemasins for a year and had to search for the video every week because it would never show up in my feed, despite me binge watching the videos. Which is why I turned to email notifications, which now means I never go into my feed so there are probably things I am missing now.

Elder Scrolls Online Skills :Revamping, Dueling, One Tamriel and Crown Crates

For the past few years, we’ve been working hard to improve and expand ESO by offering quarterly DLC game packs and game updates to our global community of more than seven million players. Now, we’re excited to share some details from gamescom about our last game update of 2016, featuring One Tamriel.


One Tamriel arrives with Update 12 on the PTS early next week and live this October, and ESO will never be the same. With One Tamriel, the game content in ESO will no longer be gated by your character’s level. Right out of the tutorial you’ll have the freedom to go anywhere in Tamriel and play any content, in any order, just like other Elder Scrolls games. Our unique battle-leveling system will automatically scale and balance your character to the content, no matter where you go!

Finding or forming a group will be easier than ever since we’re also lifting the alliance restrictions in open world zones. (Of course, PvP areas will still be alliance-based.) This means you’ll be able to group with anyone, from any alliance, at any time. High-level players will even be able to group with friends who are new to ESO; anyone below Champion 160 will scale so everyone can adventure together. If you prefer to adventure alone, that’s ok too. Every zone has been modified to add world bosses and ensure a mixture of content for solo and group play is available, and all of our dungeons now offer both Normal and Veteran modes, so there will always be something for you, no matter what your play style might be!

Elder Scrolls Online Skills :Revamping, Dueling, One Tamriel and Crown Crates


Craglorn, which was originally introduced in 2014 as a group-focused Adventure Zone, is being re-designed so it will no longer require a group to play. Now you’ll find that all the main story quests can be completed solo, and the remaining group content can be completed with as little as two players. We want to make sure you can have fun in the zone by yourself, but if you choose, it’s also your go-to destination for exciting group content!


For One Tamriel, we’ve standardized itemization and rewards in all zones, so they feel more like the items you currently receive from DLC game packs. Item sets will now be tied to specific zones and dungeons, and they’ll automatically be scaled to your level. Veteran mode dungeons will now guarantee Monster Mask rewards, and new, streamlined Undaunted Pledges will be available to players up to 3 times per day, offering Monster Masks and other exciting rewards. We’ll explain all the itemization changes in more detail in the coming weeks.


Another highly-anticipated feature we’re introducing in Update 12 is the ability to challenge another player to a duel! Test your PvP skills against your friends, or try out new builds before diving into battle in Cyrodiil or a dungeon. We’ll be giving you more information on our dueling system next week at PAX West 2016.


Holiday celebrations are coming to Tamriel, and you’re invited! Beginning this fall, you’ll be able to celebrate some of Tamriel’s most exciting holidays with your friends and receive special rewards! We’ll kick things off with the Witches Festival in October, and wrap up the year with the New Life Festival. Check back for more details as we get closer to each event!Elder Scrolls Online Skills :Revamping, Dueling, One Tamriel and Crown Crates


Toward the end of November, we’ll be giving you a chance to receive some very special items with the introduction of Crown Crates. These Crates, available in the Crown Store for just 400 crowns, will contain a randomized selection of useful consumables, and offer a chance to obtain rare and unique cosmetic items or mounts, including some previously-retired mounts, costumes, pets, and limited-time offers that are no longer available in the Crown Store. Crates will have different themes throughout the year, giving you the chance to obtain new, extremely rare items.

In the event you receive a mount, pet, costume or personality that you already own, you’ll be awarded special Crown Gems in its place. These Gems can be used to purchase other collectible items from the current Crown Crate season that you’d prefer to have instead.

All the content in Update 12, including One Tamriel, will be free for all players. And remember, this September will be the perfect time for new players to jump into the game with the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition. This new product includes the base game in addition to our first four DLC game packs: Imperial City, Orsinium, Thieves Guild, and Dark Brotherhood. If you already own ESO, we’ll be offering the Guilds and Glory DLC bundle in the in-game Crown Store so you can purchase these DLC game packs at just 5500 crowns.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new version of ESO later this

Bots Do Exist in Elder Scrolls Online

Minding my business, grinding EXP for the Fighters Guild, and I encounter these two very obscure “players” that look entirely lost and hopeless. It was clear something was wrong… so I followed them around a bit… I’ll be damned, they’re bots! Now, they aren’t harming me or other players in any way… but to my understanding these bots caused some sort of Anti-Bot/Cheat to be implemented that in turn caused this game to lag like a pig… especially in Cyrodiil. If these are the facts, then why have innocent players been penalized for something that has not been fixed?